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There's a B-Better box for everyone. Browse through the menu to find the water that excites your taste buds. B-Better brings water to the next level: enjoy its delicious taste and added vitamins to feel and B better with every sip. Low in calories and simply so refreshing.


B-Beautiful and get your glow with the heavenly sweet taste of peach and aloe vera. Infused with B vitamins to look and feel your best.

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B-Revived when you drink our charcoal water with B vitamins. A treat for those who love the refreshing taste of lime, mint and ginger.

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B-Energized thanks to added guarana, ginseng and vitamin B. Meanwhile, its delicious touch of cranberry and pomegranate will put a smile on your face.

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B-Restored by drinking water that's infused with vitamins B, C and E. Feels good, tastes good: you won't get enough of that orange and ginger flavor.

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