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David Waterdrinker Interview

Who are you and what is something that a few people know about you?

I am David Waterdrinker and what a few people know, or want to believe, is that Waterdrinker is my real last name haha. I always thought I wanted to do something with water. But especially after I had travelled a lot in developing countries and realised that clean drinking water from the tap is not just a given like here in the Netherlands.

What is Join The Pipe?

Join the Pipe is the largest community of tap water drinkers in the world. It is an innovative and social concept in which people and organizations in developed countries can contribute to drinking water and single-use plastic problems in developing countries. People often know about us via the City Water bottles at the Albert Heijn, which are filled and refillable water bottles with the skyline of several cities in the Netherlands. Or people sometimes have tapped water at one of our 3,500 water taps that are all over the world.

Can you explain the mission of Join the Pipe?

Our mission is twofold, but it also has everything to do with each other. On the one hand, we want to provide people all over the world with clean drinking water. We do this by installing water taps in urban areas, and installing water pumps in rural areas in developing countries. In addition, we base our mission on research showing that 95% of all plastic soup comes from developing countries, so part of our mission is to tackle plastic pollution at source. We do this, for example, by organizing City Clean Ups in large African cities, where we mainly teach schoolchildren about what plastic waste is and how they can contribute to reducing this waste. We do this by taking them to the streets to clean up plastic waste, after which they are rewarded with a refillable Join the Pipe water bottle and a diploma.

How can Join the Pipe be linked to B-Better?

We both believe that drinking clean tap water is the most sustainable way to drink enough in a day. And I think we both want to make people aware in a creative and fun way that they can contribute to reducing plastic waste. We do this by offering a refillable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, B-Better by producing a 90% plant-based packaging. Through 1% for the Planet, B-Better donates 1% of its profits to projects of Join the Pipe, with which we now have installed 1 water tap along a well-known cycle route in Rotterdam for example.

Does the collaboration with B-Better make sense?

Of course! We both believe that clean drinking water from the tap is the most sustainable option to drink water. That's why B-Better approached us to make a water tap along a commuter route where there is currently no drinking water available. Together we make drinking water available along this route so that people can tap it in their bottle or bidon. At the same time, we reduce the need to buy a plastic water bottle along this route. Can't Be Better! ;)

What would you like to give to the fans of B-Better?

I think I don't need to tell the fans anything more about the plastic or clean drinking water issues, because they are not fans of B-Better for nothing. That's why I'd like to say: keep it up, and spread the word!

What's your big dream for Join the Pipe?

I wish that my last name can apply not only to me but to everyone on this planet, thanks to Join the Pipe.



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