For B-Better, designing a sustainable packaging was not a must: it was a matter of course. But in the face of global warming, we wanted to do more. To actually give back to the planet and take full responsibility for our own carbon emissions. For this reason, B-Better is certified as a CO2 Neutral® product, and a portion of our revenue goes to local initiatives that reduce waste.

Our box

Our sustainable packaging is made of 90% plant-based materials, reducing carbon emissions by 66%.

CO2 Neutral® product

Our carbon emissions are compensated by supporting sustainable projects in Rwanda and Uganda.

1% for the Planet

A portion of our revenue goes to organisations like River Cleanup, .


Our sustainable packaging

The environmental impact of our sustainable packaging depends partly on your recycling habits. Fold your empty container, screw the cap back on and put it in the bin for recycling plastic bottles, metal cans and cartons (the blue PMD / PMC bag). If you live outside of Belgium, check with your local recycling centre.


CO2 Neutral® certification

A sustainable packaging is one way to do better for our planet, but what's inside that box counts too. Our products have been certified as CO2 Neutral®, meaning they don't have a net carbon emission: our carbon emissions were thoroughly calculated and are compensated through sustainable projects in Rwanda and Uganda, that provide access to safe and clean water.

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1% for the Planet

When it comes to our planet, we're all in this together. B-Better actively supports organisations that give back to the planet too: as a member of 1% for the Planet, we donate a portion of our revenue to local projects like River Cleanup.

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