Plastic bottles and wrappers are littered in streets and dump-sites, lightweight shopping bags are blown away by the wind when we put our garbage out, sanitary products with microplastics are flushed through toilets on a daily basis and a washing machine releases up to 700,000 microplastic fibres per wash. That’s how every year, 6.4 billion kilogrammes of waste flows into drainage networks and streams to end up cluttering rivers and polluting ocean water.


Let’s tackle the waste situation head on. If everyone, every man, woman, business and community, would be aware of their own choices, we would be so much better off. Read on to find out how you can make a difference in your own backyard.


1% for the Planet

Certified by 1% for the Planet, we are part of a badass network of brands, organisations and individuals who aren’t willing to sit around and wait for change. Part of our profits is reinvested back into the environment through the initiatives of bold and inspiring Belgians who swim against the current to keep streets and streams waste-free. Whenever you choose B-Better, you choose to support clean-up projects countrywide. 

This is what we commit to together:
This is what you commit to by drinking B-Better:


The River Cleanup wants to trap waste at the mouths of rivers and streams before they reach the sea. They’re inviting ecowarriors from 200 different cities to fish for litter in 10 major waterways. The River Meuse and the River Scheldt are up on September 21st. 

Get your gumboots on and join the initiative or follow their progress on Facebook.

Upcoming events

This summer, we’re partnering up with Durapack to replace single-use cups with reusable ones at both small and larger Belgian festival. We’re raising awareness of plastic pollution online and off and plan on throwing a clean-up party for the dirtiest city in Belgium. Stay tuned for more.



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