Why B-Better

B-Better is the first step in achieving a common goal: a better future, both for ourselves and the planet. It’s a call for cleaner streets, streams, parks and ponds.

As hydration is essential in a healthy lifestyle, we began our less waste journey by reshaping our drinking habits. B-Better Water isn’t bottled, it’s boxed. The cartons are over 90% plant-based and produced with the environment in mind – which isn’t a perfect solution to the waste situation yet, but it’s a start. 

A portion of the profit of every box sold is donated to local initiatives to reduce waste in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Be good to yourself

Being properly hydrated is important for your health. Did you know your body is made up of 60% water? It needs fluids to transport waste products and proteins, build muscle, regulate your temperature … and even produce hormones. That’s how drinking enough water can improve your mood, energy level and physical performance.

To help you stay on top of your game, B-Better Water is stored in 750 ml boxes instead of the standard 50 cl size. The pure water is available as such or with added natural flavours like lime, blueberry, açaí and elderflower to help you increase your liquid intake during the day.

Each functional variant holds vitamin B and their own super ingredient like Vitamin C in Immunity. Refill your box whenever you get the chance to and store the empty container in your bag to recycle at home when there’s no proper recycling bin in sight. Which brings us to our next point …

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57% of the box is made from sustainable wood from responsibly managed forests and controlled plantations. The FSC label – short for ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ – guarantees that the timber used comes from sources that are managed in ways that are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. Trees that are harvested are replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally to keep the environment intact.


Each box contains only 1.3 g conventional plastic. The plastics in the pack and cap are made mostly from crude tall oil, a residue of the paper industry originating from conifer trees. The pulp residue is recovered to create a plastic that is kinder on the planet.


We’ve kept the aluminium on the interior of the box to a bare minimum to reduce the impact of the packaging while preserving the quality of its contents. A thin layer of sustainably sourced aluminium protects the pure, flavoured and functional waters from light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria. The aluminium can be recovered in special recycling facilities to be reused in new products.

The result: a box that’s over 90% plant-derived, translating to a considerable CO2 reduction compared to your average plastic water bottle. And we don’t plan on stopping there. We’re aiming for better with every sip.

Check out the Q&As to learn more about the box:


Why this box is better


It’s no secret that plastic dominates our lives. We are ever more confronted by plastic packaging in supermarkets, in kitchen cabinets, on bathroom shelves, in our wildflower patches and even between our home-grown strawberry and tomato plants. Shopping bags and plastic bottles are left lying around in the streets to be carried into drainage networks and rivers by the rain and the wind.

No more, we thought. And so, we decided to partner up with 1% for the Planet, a global initiative of businesses and individuals who want to contribute to a healthier environment. That's how part of the profit of every B-Better box is donated to local initiatives to reduce waste in Belgium and the Netherlands.

To tackle the problem at its source and reduce plastic packaging altogether, we felt it was time to reshape the traditional plastic water bottle. Because even though tap water is without a doubt the best option to avoid waste, it isn’t always available.

Therefore, we took the convenience of a plastic bottle, combined it with the sustainability of tap water and designed a new water bottle. An ecologically sensible water bottle with a different shape and size. The container of B-Better Water is largely made of paper – a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable resource – which in its turn is made from trees that grow in responsibly managed (aka FSC®) forests. Cleaning the air as they do, they can each absorb up to 21 kg of carbon emissions a year.



We aren’t perfect. Although our boxes are better than single-use bottles, B-Better Water still is packaged. Therefore, if you have the choice to drink water from a bottle, box or tap, always choose the tap. Whenever you crave for something more flavourful or nutritious, B-Better Water is the way to go.


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